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Child Welfare System Improvements

Child Welfare System Improvements In California, 2003-2005: Early Implementation of Key Reforms (3.1 MB) The child welfare system in California is changing for the better. New community partnerships, a new focus on results and more inclusive practices are all helping to improve the lives of children and families.

Policy Brief: The Child Welfare System Improvement and Accountability Act (AB 636): Improving Results for Children and Youth in California - By Barbara Needell and Ken Patterson. August 2004 (Note: this is a large PDF file and may take a few minutes to download.)

Statewide Priorities: Child Welfare Improvements - Summarizes key statewide improvements underway in 2004-05

Background Information: Improving California's Child Welfare System - Provides a short summary of key child welfare improvement efforts in California

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers commonly asked questions relative to child welfare improvements

Facts at a Glance - Provides current facts about California's child welfare system

Chronology of Child Welfare Services - Provides an overview of significant developments in the evolution of child welfare in California

What Outcomes Mean for Children and Families - Explains "outcomes" and what they mean in terms of meaningful improvements in the lives of children and families

Accountability in Action - Illustrates the vision, goals, categorical outcomes and data indicators of California's child welfare improvements in an easy-to-understand graphic

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