California Department of Social Services (CDSS) examination announcements are listed below and posted online at the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). Applications for all examinations must be submitted on the State Examination Application (Form STD 678). Applications may be obtained at CDSS, CalHR, or at your local employment office. Please submit your application to:

California Department of Social Services
Personnel Bureau, Examination Unit
744 P Street, MS 8-15-59
Sacramento, CA 95814

Career Executive Assignment (CEA):

CEA positions are covered by civil service laws and rules. There are specific minimum qualifications candidates must meet in order to be eligible to apply for a CEA examination, as outlined in CCR 548.70, G.C. 19889.3, G.C. 18990, and G.C. 18992.


Any individual who meets the education and/or experience required  for entrance into the examination may apply

Open – Continuous Testing – Continuous Filing

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis.


CDSS Examinations:

CalHR Examinations:


Applicants must have a permanent civil service appointment with the department listed on the examination announcement to apply. In certain situations, other employees (i.e., former department employees or current employees on Temporary Authorization Appointments, Training and Development Assignments and Limited Term Appointments) may be allowed to compete in CDSS examinations under the provisions of Rules 234, 235, and 235.2.

Staff Service Analyst (SSA) Transfer:

This is a transfer examination for the Department of Social Services (CDSS) employees who meet the lateral transfer requirements to the SSA classification. State Personnel Board Rules 425, 430-433, 435 and 444 contain general provisions for lateral transfer.

  • Staff Services Analyst (SSA) Study Guide
  • Examinations in Progress

    A listing of all the examinations where the final filing date has expired. These examinations are in various phases of the exam process and will be listed until the final scoring has been completed and a list established.  

    Other Career Information

  • Limited Examination Appointment Program (LEAP)
  • OSS I II Qualifications Assessment Examination
  • Qualifications Assessment (Assistant Chief Counsel)  
  • Retired Annuitant Employment Opportunities
  • State Application (STD Form 678)
  • Supplemental Application  (Administrative Law Judge I, CDSS)
  • Supplemental Application (Adoptions Specialist) 
  • Supplemental Application (Medical Consultant I) 
  • Supplemental Application (Social Service Consultant II & III) 
  • Supplemental Application (Adoptions Supervisor I/II)