IHSS Provider Orientation

Individuals who want to become an IHSS provider have to complete all of the steps outlined in the How to Become an IHSS Provider process.  The county IHSS Office or county IHSS Public Authority will tell you when and where you can attend an orientation session.  

The following information is available for your convenience, please contact your county IHSS Office to find out their IHSS Provider Orientation process.  If your county sent you to this website to complete the IHSS Provider Orientation Process, please stay in contact with them as you complete the following steps to ensure you are completing the process correctly, and to your county specifications: 

  1. Read the IHSS Provider Orientation Guide (pdf).  
    • Translations:   The IHSS Provider Orientation Guide has just been updated, is currently being translated into Armenian, Chinese and Spanish and will be available soon.  
  2. Upon completion, you must sign an IHSS Program Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846).  
  3. Turn this signed form into the county to complete the IHSS Provider Orientation requirements. 

Optional IHSS Provider Orientation Handouts (as needed)

IHSS Provider Orientation Fact Sheet