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How to Appeal if You are Denied as an IHSS Provider

If you have completed the How to Become an IHSS Providerprocess, and been denied by the county IHSS Office orIHSSPublic Authority Officeto be an IHSS Provider, due to a conviction for an exclusionary crime,you have the option to ask for an appeal of the denial with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).

Toask for an appeal, you mustcomplete the following within 60 days of the day the county tells you that you are not eligible to be an IHSS provider:

  • Fill out and sign the Ask for an Appeal Form (SOC 856).
  • Make a copy of the front and back of this page for your records.
  • Send thisform to:
    California Department of Social Services
    Systems and Administrative Branch,
    Claims, Certification and Appeals Bureau,
    Appeals Unit, MS 9-9-04
    P.O. Box 944243
    Sacramento, CA 95244-2430

Once an appeal is received by CDSS, a finding regarding the support or denial of an appeal will be completed within 180 days. CDSS will notify in writing the county IHSS office or IHSS Public Authority Office and provider of the findings of the appeal review. For more details and information regarding the process,please review All County Letter (ACL) 09-68.

If you have questions, call (916) 651-3488.