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IHSS Quality Assurance(QA) Monitoring

The IHSS QA program was established through Senate Bill 1104 (Chapter 229, Statutes of 2004), which outlined a number of enhanced activities for CDSS and counties including: routine scheduled desk reviews, home visits, targeted reviews, general verification of receipt of services, third-party liability, and cooperation with data match and error rate studies. The Quality Assurance Monitoring Units perform annual monitoring reviews throughout California's 58 counties to oversee their administration of, and compliance with, approved Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Plans, statutes and regulations of the IHSS program. They also provide technical support and consultation to county QA staff to assist counties in preserving the integrity of the IHSS program and ensure access to and quality of care

For information andrequirements regarding:IHSS QA or IHSS QA Program Integrity and Fraud Prevention

In order to receive the most up-to-date information regarding IHSS QA Monitoring, it is critical that counties maintain the Very Important Contact (VIC) information. For more information regarding VIC, please contact (916) 651-1069.