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CCI -Voluntary Provider Training Curriculum

Topic 1: Introduction to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)*

The IHSS program provides services to income-eligible people over the age of 65, the blind, and/or persons with disabilities. The goal of the IHSS program is to allow consumers to live safely in their own homes and avoid the need for out-of-home care. Services almost always need to be provided in the consumer's own home. This could be a house, apartment, hotel, or the home of a relative. Those who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or meet all Medi-Cal income eligibility requirements may be able to receive IHSS program services. IHSS is a Medi-Cal program and is funded by federal, state, and county dollars.

*This Voluntary (Optional) Provider Training was developed through a stakeholder workgroup process and is intended to provide you with information and resources regarding best practices and interventions in your role as an IHSS provider. Please note, however, some material contained in this Voluntary (Optional) Provider Training Curriculum was included to help you understand the broad needs of many IHSS consumers, including needs met by sources outside the scope of the IHSS program. Certain information is intended for providers of services outside the scope of the IHSS program and/or services that require special training to be performed safely. IHSS providers must not perform services which are not authorized by the IHSS program and/or require special training.

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