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Web Content Accessibility

The California Department of Social Services websites were developed in compliance with California Government Code 11135, located in Section D of the California Government Code. Code 11135 requires that all electronic and information technology developed or purchased by the State of California Government is accessible to people with disabilities. There are various types of physical disabilities that impact user interaction on the web. Vision loss, hearing loss, limited manual dexterity, and cognitive disabilities are examples, with each having different means by which to access electronic information effectively. Our goal is to provide a good web experience for all visitors.

Accessibility Features

Below you will find a list of some of the technology solutions we have integrated to make our websites easy to navigate, fast-loading and accessible.

"Skip To:" Navigation

The "Skip to" navigation appears at the top of each page. It allows you to jump to the main content area, accessibility page, or footer.

Main Tabs

The main navigation tabs, located just below the California logo and CDSS banner, use lists. Lists make it easier for screen readers to literally read down the list without having to sort through unnecessary code. Lists also allow you to use the tab key to move from link to link.

How to More Easily Use the Main Tabs and Submenus

If you have a difficult time using your mouse to hover over the submenu items that appear under the main tabs, try clicking on the main tab. When you do, a page will appear with a list of the submenu items for that tab. These links on these pages should be easier for you to click on with your mouse.


Photographs and other relevant images on the site are accompanied by alternative text (the ALT attribute.) ALT text provides a written description of the image, which is accessible to screen readers, and it is visible when the mouse is placed over the image. This is also useful for people who have images turned off on their browser, in which case a description will display where the image used to be.

Keyboard Commands:

Navigate through our web pages without the use of a mouse. (Note: Some commands may not work with every Internet browser version.)

If you want to... Select...
Increase text size Ctrl + +
Decrease text size Ctrl - -
Move forward from link to link Tab
Move backward from link to link Shift + Tab
Move from box to box Tab
Go to top of page Ctrl + Home
Go to bottom of page Ctrl + End
Close window Ctrl + W
Go back a page Alt + Left Arrow
Go forward a page Alt + Right Arrow
Go to search box Alt + S

More Keyboard Shortcuts:

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Difficulty Accessing Material:

If you have difficulty accessing any material on this site, please contact us in writing and we will work with you to make the information available. You can direct your request to Internet.Support@dss.ca.gov .