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All County Letters and All County Information Notices contain instructions to and information for county departments of social services. To access these policy directives and informational communications, go to the CDSS Letters and Notices page at: www.dss.cahwnet.gov/lettersnotices/default.htm.

ACL 01-42
Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in the Administration of Federally-Assisted Programs and Activities

ACL 03-56
Requirements for Language Services

ACL 06-20
Interpretive Services

ACL 06-39
Discrimination Complaint Investigation

ACL 07-07
Final Rule on Civil Rights DataCollection

ACL 08-16
Be Vu Settlement Agreement and Survey of Languages RequiringTranslation of Food Stamp Program and California Work Opportunity
and Responsibilty to Kids (CalWORKS) Joint Forms

ACL 08-51
Social Worker Responsibility to Educate Foster Children on Foster Youth Personal Rights

ACL 08-65
Documentation of Interpretive Services

ACL 09-50
Access to Public Assistance Case Records

ACL 09-79
Annual Civil Rights Plans

ACIN 1-02-08
Documentation of Interpretive Services at Every Point of Contact

ACIN 1-09-06
Use of CDSS Translated Forms and Documentationof Services Provided to Non-English/Limited English-Speaking
Applicants/Recipients and Disabled Applicants/Recipients

ACIN 1-09-09
National Voter Registration Act of 1993

ACIN 1-31-05

ACIN 1-54-08
GEN 1365 Notice of Language Services