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Hello, the Appeals Case Management System (ACMS) is live! You can access the system here:


Below you can find all the resources you need to assist you with using this new system.

We appreciate your comments or suggestions - send them to us at ACMS@dss.ca.gov

ACMS Technical Support (TOP)

If you need help using ACMS or are experiencing a technical problem, please contact the support team using one of the methods below:

ACMS@dss.ca.gov 1-800-743-8525 (Option 6 for ACMS technical support ONLY) 1-800-743-8525 (Option 9 for all other State Hearings questions)  


Our next release (Sprint 20 & 21) is tentatively set for Saturday, May 25. Check out the release notes below.

Training Resources (TOP)

Upcoming Webinars

Introduction to ACMS for new county or responsible agency users. Provides foundational knowledge for the basic functions of ACMS. After this training, users should be able to use ACMS to complete basic everyday tasks.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2019     10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thursday, June 20, 2019     2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Friday, July 12, 2019     10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Monday, July 22, 2019     10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Below are training resources sorted by user role. Additional training sessions will be added as they become available!

All Users


County Users


DHCS Users


Covered California Users


Advocate Agency Users Quick Guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (TOP)

What date should I enter if I don’t know the DOB (Date of Birth)? If you don’t have a DOB for a claimant, enter 01/01/1753.

Can Counties or Covered California online their own appeals? Counties and Covered California have the ability to submit appeals in ACMS, but refer to your agency’s policy regarding submitting appeals in this manner.

How can I tell if a claimant has an e-filer account? If you bring up the claimant’s profile in ACMS, there will be a username at the bottom. This means the claimant has an e-filer account. However, just because an e-filer has an account, doesn’t mean they access their appeal information through ACMS – you should check their Preferred Mode of Communication.

How long will ACMS data be retained and retrievable? We have no plans to archive or disable any accounts in ACMS. All appeal information in ACMS will be retained and accessible.

I need help troubleshooting something in ACMS. I’ve talked to my Super-User and checked all the videos and guides on the ACMS website, but I can’t find a solution to my problem. What should I do? Although Super-Users and our support website, videos, tutorials and guides are very helpful, there are just some things they don’t cover. If that’s the case, please email the ACMS support team at acms@dss.ca.gov or give us a call at 800-743-8525 and select Option 6 for ACMS Support.

Some rural claimant have both a physical address and a mailing address, which one should be entered into ACMS? Please use the mailing address.

When an agency changes the hearing representative for a case, ACMS generates another ‘Submit SOP’ task for the new hearing representative. How should the extra ‘Submit SOP’ task be handled? You may close the ‘Submit SOP’ task that no longer applies. This will remove the task from the former hearing rep’s queue.

What browsers can I use to access ACMS? Although ACMS works with any browser, we've noticed that ACMS doesn't perform well in Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge.

There's a case in my queue that shouldn't be there because I already completed it. How do I get it off the queue? Queues are populated by open tasks. If you've completed the task and it still in your queue, then the task is probably still open. You can go to the Task tab, find the task, and close it.


E-Filer Appeal Submission - How an E-Filer creates a User Account and submits an Appeal

E-Filer Appeal View - What an E-Filer can see in ACMS

Search like a Super-User! - Doing Standard and Advanced Searches in ACMS 

ACMS Release Notes(TOP)

Release Notes - 4/20/2019
Release Notes - 5/25/2019

Upcoming Fixes & Enhancements (TOP)

In Progress

  • Conditional withdrawal letter identifies incorrect agency agreeing to conditions in Dual cases.
  • Differentiate CC and DHCS users by dividing the RA User role.
  • Restrict two hearing from being "In Hearing" status.
  • Before granting a postponement on a continued hearing, notify the user that they may be postponing a continued hearing.
  • Create a field to search for appeal and claimant from any page.
  • OptaPlanner Rule weighting refinement. Scheduling issues.
  • Verizon SFTP daily download fail - nightly batch job isn't pulling the audio files since Sprint 17.
  • When entering a note on the hearing page, have it open on a new browser tab so judges don't lose  the information they've entered on the hearing page.
  • Add postal validation to all contacts' mailing address.
  • Update Time Waiver History Log to display all time waivers including those entered on hearing tab and/or through postponement. Include all due date changes.
  • PDF Final Decisions have the appeal number in the filename.
  • Hearing Date/Time appears in the appeal ribbon on hearing day.
  • Identify if a beneficiary is deceased.
  • Add "Care of (C/O)" line in mailing address.
  • Alphabetize Responsible Agencies in the dropdown for Level 1, 2, and 3.
  • Make the Withdraw and Upload buttons inactive for e-filers appeals that have not been submitted.
  • Correct the rehearing acknowledgement letter to reflect the filing date properly. Currently populating incorrect date.
  • Footer bar covers appeal CLA save button.
  • Provide Inactivated Case letter.
  • For Dual cases, when adding/updating issue, make it a requirement to add/update the agencies on the appeal.
  • For Dual cases, Proposed Decisions queue should include other involved agencies.
  • For Dual cases, PJ wants to be able to skip the QA process for proposed decisions being review by Covered CA.
  • For Dual cases, create an Agency Removal queue (linked to Agency Removal Task).
  • Granting a Rehearing request is not generating a "Rehearing Granted to be Scheduled" letter.
  • Make the "Action Being Appealed" field required at the appeal review level (for reporting).
  • Generate the OSP Cover Page for manual mailings.
  • Claimant shown on hearing attendee slider twice.
  • Remove "Postponement Request" section on appeal.

Resolved at Sprint 20 Deployment

  • Search results for appeal number not displaying assigned hearing rep info.
  • Require hearing location when modality is In-Person.
  • Improper Claimant Letter not generating.
  • Rehearing Acknowledgement Letter not being mailed.
  • Continuance Reason validation: create new hearing.
  • Decision not editable for Alternate Decision.
  • System overwrites manual selection of calendar template.
  • Open record queue displaying 2 rows for RFA cases.
  • Penalty fields missing from decision.
  • Improper Claimant reason field not showing on form at appeal creation when IC marked to yes.
  • Banner shows expedite granted for expedite denied.
  • Multi-issue CalFresh only appeal due date incorrect - should be 60 days.
  • For pending jurisdiction decisions - add in-hearing action "Pending Jurisdiction Decision" to hold hearing in the pending state.
  • Show appeals with compliance task in Compliance queue regardless of outcome.
  • Federal rehearing results in task error.
  • SOP task attachment overwriting existing document.
  • Confidential Documents - need ability to decide who can see certain documents.
  • Corrections to schedule screen: change name display to "Last, First"
  • Confidential Document permissions.
  • Resolve duplicate listings in Calendars & Hearings queue when 2 Primary HRs on appeal.
  • When splitting appeals, resp agency is set to CDSS.
  • Duplicate decision documents are being generated simultaneously.

Resolved at Sprint 21 Deployment

  • Random document system exception error when trying to set document as an exhibit
  • Restrict staff user from processing a withdrawal during continued hearing process
  • Correct Activity Log: shows bifur/admin dismiss grant/deny when judge grants postponement
  • Update Aid Pending Replacement Variable to populate properly on Decision Cover
  • RA User should be able to view Issue form (read only)
  • Correct the rehearing acknowledgement letter to reflect the filing date properly. Currently populating incorrect date.
  • Footer bar covers appeal CLA save button
  • Scheduling requirements content not transferring to manually schedule hearing task.
  • Provide Inactivated case letter


ACA - Affordable Care Act
ACMS - Appeals Case Management System
ALJ - Administrative Law Judge
AR - Authorized Representative
Breadcrumbs - the blue links under the top navigation bar that can get you to other pages on the current appeal. 
HR - Hearing Representative or Hearing Request
HWDC - Health and Welfare Data Center
M&O - Maintenance and Operations
Modality - Format of hearing: in-person, phone, video
Queue - a list of appeals
RFA - Resource Family Approval
SHD - State Hearings Division
SHN - State Hearings Number
SOP - Statement of Position
Sprint - a period of time in which small chunks of system functionality are designed, built, tested and implemented
SSN - Social Security Number
UAT - User Acceptance Testing
Widget - those icons at the bottom of some ACMS screens; they typically access other tabs via a pop-up window

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