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Project Timeline

ACMS Project timeline

Benefits (TOP)

You're probably wondering, "how does ACMS impact me?" Our ACMS Benefits Guide gives you a quick overview of how ACMS will improve the appeals process for all its users.

ACMS Demo Videos

At the end of each "sprint" the ACMS project team releases a video demonstrating the functionality built during the sprint. Enjoy!

  • Sprint 1 & 2 - Claimant Portal, Create Appeal, Search, Review Case, Expedited Cases
  • Sprint 3 - Scheduling Part 1
  • Sprint 4 - Scheduling Part 2
  • Sprint 5 - Conduct Hearing, Day of Hearing Queue, Open Record Process, Postponements
  • Sprint 6 - Decisions, Case Closure, Compliance
  • Sprint 7 - Re-hearings
  • Sprint 8 - Withdrawal & Reports


Webinar Training (TOP)

Sign up for ACMS training using the links below. Training options will be added as they become available!


Planned Events (TOP)

  • 5/18/18 - project update at Northern Counties Appeal Committee (NCAC) meeting
  • 6/8/18 - system walkthrough for all SHD support staff
  • 6/12/18 - scheduling demo for DGS
  • 6/11/18 - 6/29/18 - Train the Trainer sessions
  • 7/2/18 - 7/13/18 - Train the Trainer sessions
  • 7/16/18 - 7/18/18 - In-Person Train the Trainer Workshop


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (TOP)

Will HWDC still be available after ACMS is live?
Any appeals started in the old HWDC system will not be transferred into ACMS. Appeals in HWDC will be completed using HWDC.  However, once ACMS is live, all new appeals will be entered into ACMS only.  The data from HWDC will remain available to State Hearings.

Will ACMS integrate with other systems?
No. ACMS is a stand alone application that is not integrated with other systems (SAWS, CalHEERS, etc.).

What will happen to the old systems when ACMS goes live?
All cases that were entered into HWDC or the ACA database will complete their lifecycle in those older systems. No cases will be transferred into ACMS.


Glossary of Terms (TOP)

ACMS - Appeals Case Managment System
HWDC - Health and Welfare Data Center
M&O - Maintenance and Operations
- a period of time in which small chunks of system functionality are designed, built, tested and implemented
- User Acceptance Testing

Video Training

View the videos on topics that are recommended for your role. If you have any questions, you can attend a webinar (below) on that topic, or you can send your question to ACMS@dss.ca.gov. View these videos at any time.

Topic (Link to Video) Counties Covered CA DHCS Advocates
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Submit an Appeal
Upload a Document

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