CalFresh Resource Center

Welcome to the CalFresh Resource Center. This page provides an access point to CalFresh Program Data, Quality Control Error Rates, Timeliness of Application Processing data, QC Handbook, Training Materials, Conference Presentations, Program data,ACL’s and ACIN’s and more!

How do I Navigate throughthe ResourceCenter?

This webpage has beenequipped to assist you in navigating through the Resource Center. These features are labeled below:

  1. Quick Links. The Quick Links are located to the right. Clickon the title of the link you are interested in and you will beredirected to anotherwebpage withmore information on the selectedtopic.To make navigation through the Resource Center simple, every webpage will havethe same set of Quick links.

  2. Resource Center HomeLink. The first optionunder the Quick Links is the Resource Center Home link. The purpose of this linkis to navigate you back to this webpage at any time during your search through the Resource Center.Please note thiswill not take you back to the generalCalFresh Homepage.

  3. Contact Us. Beneath the Quick Links, you will find theContact Us information.Listed is theCalFresh Helpline phone number for clients. The Other Contact Numbers link willredirect you to a webpage with other contact information to assist you with your CalFresh needs.

  4. CalFresh Home Button. To the bottomright of each page, there is a bright orange CalFresh Home button. Click the buttontobe redirected to the general CalFresh Homepage where you can find more information such as program websites, partner agencies, top news and more.