CalFresh Employment and Training (E&T)

CalFresh E&T Financial Operations Training Materials

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 CDSS will host an in-person E&T Financial Operations Training. Training materials will be posted below when available.

  1. Training Agenda
  2. E&T Partnership Models Overview
  3. Sample Invoices
  4. SNAP E&T 50-50 Potential Partner Packet
  5. SNAP E&T 50-50 Budget Template
  6. Proposal Clarification Template
  7. Presentation Slideshows:

8.  November 14 - E&T Training Questions & Answers

SNAP E&T Data and Technical Assistance (DATA) Grants

CDSS is pleased to announce that California is one of eight states awarded a SNAP E&T DATA Grant. The grant will support the development of California’s SNAP E&T data collection and reporting system, including a statewide workforce portal that will function as a centralized, web based location for data collection and enrollment verification. The SNAP E&T DATA Grant is a critical component of California’s E&T strategic growth plan to expand the number and diversity of E&T providers statewide.

For more information on the DATA Grant awards, click here.

About CalFresh Employment and Training

California’s CalFresh Employment and Training (E&T) program is supported by four core values: collaboration, excellence, innovation, and inclusion. The goal of California E&T is to offer more CalFresh recipients more high-quality, voluntary workforce opportunities that lead to increased employment rates and wages. Together, these guiding principles drive our vision to make better access to better food and better jobs for better living a reality for the millions of individuals and families facing food insecurity in California.


For FFY 2018 thirty-six counties will offer E&T, three more counties than last year, and nearly 112,480 E&T participants are projected to be served. Additionally, many counties have expanded existing programs by offering new E&T components and growing new partnerships, over 60 in total, many of which are able to use federal matching funds to further invest in employment opportunities for the populations they serve. The Foundation for California Community Colleges operates the Fresh Success program in partnership with a growing number of counties and community colleges throughout the state. Through targeted interactions with students on campus, staff are able to provide reverse referrals to those who may be eligible for CalFresh but have not applied or for those that are enrolled in CalFresh but may be unaware of the E&T program and benefits. California continues to expand access to E&T services throughout the state. This expansion of services coincides with the State’s commitment to further develop third party partnerships, at both the county and state level, and new training tools, resources and technical assistance to support excellence in the provision of services. This is only possible through extensive state and county collaboration, as well as collaboration with state and local community based organizations.


California’s commitment to excellence continues with several efforts underway to improve E&T program outcomes. To ensure and modernize operational compliance, CDSS has developed a plan to move to an online annual planning and budget process, allowing for the timely submission, revision and approval of CalFresh E&T plans and program elements. The state has also undertaken the development of an online Statewide Workforce Portal that, along with other functions, will include the capability for services providers statewide to submit E&T outcome data. This tool will allow California to effectively meet federal reporting requirements and is a significant step in developing the infrastructure necessary to expand the diversity of E&T service providers across the state. Lastly, CalFresh E&T Management Evaluations (MEs) will play a larger role in expanding the quality of services offered. Future MEs will focus not just on federal compliance, but also the best practices that maximize the impact of all E&T services providers.


California is committed to expanding the CalFresh E&T program’s focus on skills-building. The Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) has provided technical assistance to CDSS and four pilot counties (San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Sacramento) through the SNAP to Skills initiative awarded to California and nine other states by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service. This has provided California an advantage in the development and improvement of CalFresh E&T. In addition to the technical assistance California receives from SJI, CDSS receives support from the Harvard Government Performance Lab (GPL). GPL is assisting California with program evaluation and has driven the upcoming release of several Requests for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure a Statewide Workforce Portal and multiple statewide E&T service contracts.


CalFresh E&T has emerged as a strong partner among California’s workforce development stakeholders. In partnership with the California Workforce Development Board, a CalFresh E&T Advisory Committee has been established to steer program development. The goal of the Advisory Committee is to achieve greater service integration and alignment to provide more people with employment and training services and improve employment rates and wages over time. To this end the Advisory Group has identified the need to measure the benefits of participation in CalFresh E&T across various data collection systems throughout the state. These systems must connect to tell the full story of an E&T service recipient’s success. The Cross-System Analytics and Assessment for Learning and Skills Attainment (CAAL-Skills) data sharing project signifies movement toward a solution. Participating state departments are working on ways to align and match data to convey how California’s array of workforce services improve the life of not only the individual recipients, but also their families and community.