CalSAWS Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Through the Statewide Automated Welfare System (SAWS) consortia, the state and counties provide health and human services benefits to over 13 million Californians. The state is currently working in partnership with the federal government to consolidate the existing three consortia systems and functionality into one single system: California Statewide Automated Welfare System (CalSAWS). This consolidation will heavily leverage existing investments in technology, rather than building a new system.


California, its counties, and stakeholders have a decades-long partnership and commitment to excellence in service delivery for its health and human services programs. This partnership is a relationship built on effective communication, transparency, and a shared vision of service to millions of low-income and vulnerable Californians. The CalSAWS will be the primary automation system for delivering benefits for several decades. The CalSAWS development process will be improved through meaningful stakeholder, client, and advocate input on elements that impact service delivery.


Pursuant to Chapter 35, Statutes of 2018 (AB 1811), representatives from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), the Office of Systems Integration (OSI), the SAWS consortium, and the counties will meet with advocates, clients, and other stakeholders will meet at least quarterly, to review the development status of the CalSAWS project. Meeting agendas will be established based on input from all parties. CDSS, DHCS, OSI, and the SAWS consortia shall engage with stakeholders to discuss current and planned functionality changes, system demonstrations of public portals and mobile applications, and advocates’ identification of areas of concern, especially with the design of public-facing elements and other areas that directly impact clients.

 Our next quarterly meeting will be held April 30, 2019 at CDSS Headquarters.

April 30, 2019 CalSAWS Advocate Stakeholder Engagement GoToWebinar link for registration:



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Documents for January 23rd, 2019 Meeting

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