California CalWORKs Outcomes and Accountability Review (Cal-OAR) Summary

The purpose of Cal-OAR is to establish a local accountability system that facilitates continuous improvement of county CalWORKs programs by collecting and disseminating data and best practices within the implementation of CalWORKs. Cal-OAR will consist of three components: performance indicators, a CalWORKs self-assessment process, and a CalWORKs System Improvement Plan.

Target Population: Inclusive of current and former CalWORKs recipients, including those who are in sanction or exempt status or who are unengaged.

Workgroup Purpose 
To develop the Cal-OAR Workplan by July 1, 2019 that outlines both the substance and structure of the Cal-OAR process. It will include performance indicators, the self-assessment process, system improvement plan, a qualitative peer review process, implementation timelines, financial incentive recommendations, data reporting recommendations and an outline of the associated county and state workload.