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The CFSR Case Review Unit is housed in the Children's Services Outcomes and Accountability Bureau. This unit provides programmatic guidance, training, technical assistance, and quality assurance to county Child Welfare and Probation departments completing qualitative case reviews.

The Federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) provided guidance to states via IM-12-07 promoting the use of Continuous Quality Assurance (CQI) including the use of case reviews. As a result of increased awareness of CQI principles and the guidance from ACF, California began the process of building a case review process for Child Welfare. In 2013, the Federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) modified Round 3 of the CFSR to allow states to conduct their own case reviews using the Federal Onsite Review Instrument (OSRI).

In August 2015, county Child Welfare Service and Probation agencies began conducting qualitative case reviews using dedicated case review and quality assurance staff. The CFSR Case Review Unit began providing technical assistance and a second level of quality assurance to ensure uniformity across all of the counties in the completion of the instrument.

The CDSS views these qualitative reviews as an essential component to county and state CQI processes.

Case Review Related Training 

CFSR Case Review Training (Bay Area RTA) - January 2018

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