Provider Information Notices (PINs) -- 
Children's Residential Program (CRP)

: Prior to November 2016, CCLD information currently being communicated in PIN form was communicated in the form of 
Provider Letters and CCLD Information Releases

2018 PINs - Children's Residential Program (CRP)

PIN 18-01-CRP Senate Bill 484 Psychotropic Medication Oversight Inspections
PIN 18-02-CRP 2017 Chaptered Legislation Affecting Children's Residential
Facilities: Summary and Implementation
PIN 18-03-CRP  Closure Plan for Community Care Licensing (Group Homes, Short-Term 
Residential Therapeutic Programs, and Foster Family Agencies) 
PIN 18-04-CRP Influenza or "Flu" and Pneumonia in Children's Residential Facilities 

2017 PINs - Children's Residential Program (CRP)

PIN 17-01-CRP  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
PIN 17-02-CRP   County Resource Family Approval (RFA) LIS Check Instructions 
PIN 17-03-CRP Resource Family Approval Program - Conversion of Certified Family Homes
to Resource Families
PIN 17-01-CCLD Estimated SSI/SSP Payment Standards Effective January 1, 2017
PIN 17-02-CCLD  AB 2231 Care Facilities: Civil Penalties 
PIN 17-03-CCLD Fact Sheet - Community Care Licensing Background Checks           
PIN 17-04-CCLD Regulations for Enhanced Behavior Supports Homes, Secured
Perimeters and Emergency Interventions
PIN 17-04-CRP Revision of LIC 624-LE, Law Enforcement Contact Report and
Reporting Law Enforcement Contacts 
PIN 17-05-CCLD  Emergency Notification Requirement 
PIN 17-05-CRP Fire Clearances for Resource Family Homes 
PIN 17-06-CCLD   Transparency Website Mobile Application
PIN 17-06-CRP  New Medication Administration Record (MAR) Forms Available   
PIN 17-07.1-CCLD   Register of Facility Clients/Residents, Forms LIC 9020 and 9020A 
PIN 17-08-CRP Assembly Bill 388 Law Enforcement Contact Inspections 
PIN 17-08-CCLD Notice Regarding Extreme Heat in California 
PIN 17-07-CRP  Medication Guide for Foster Families 
PIN 17-09-CCLD Temporary Manager Candidate List Application
PIN 17-09-CRP   Group Home Medication Guide  
PIN 17-10-CRP  Summary Report of Psychotropic Medication Usage by Children
in Group Home Facilities 

PIN 17-10-CCLD 

The Great California Shake Out 

PIN 17-11-CRP

Assembly Bill 388 Law Enforcement Contact Regulations 
PIN 17-12-CRP  Foster Care Cultural Competency Regulations Published 
PIN 17-11-CCLD U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Fire Extinguisher Recall
PIN 17-13-CRP   Resource Family Approval - Background Checks
(Criminal Record Clearances, Exemptions, CACI Checks)
PIN 17-12-CCLD  Estimated SSI/SSP Payment Standards Effective January 1, 2018 

2016 PINs - Children's Residential Program (CRP)   


PIN 16-01-CCLD 

Provider Information Notice (PIN) 

PIN 16-02-CRP Healthy Sexual Development and Pregnancy Prevention Guide for
Youth in Foster Care
PIN 16-03-CRP Resource Family Approval (RFA) Foster Family Agencies (FFAs)
Background Check Assessment