Office of Tribal Affairs (OTA)

CDSS is in process of developing a Tribal Affairs team that will serve as the hub for tribal related work at the CDSS. One of the major focus areas for the team will include the Tribal Consultation Policy.

The Office of Tribal Affairs (OTA) has the primary responsibility of building better government-to-government relationships with the CDSS and California Indian Tribes (Tribes), Counties and Tribal Governments, as well as working with Native American stakeholders. The OTA implements the CDSS Tribal Consultation Policy (TCP) in concert with Branches and Bureaus throughout the department, to carry out meaningful consultation efforts. The OTA serves as an advisor to leadership, throughout the CDSS, to use best practice strategies when working with tribal governments, in considerations of policy decisions and regulations that impact Tribes, as well as using appropriate protocols and cultural competency.The OTA coordinates the work of all divisions of the CDSS when it affects Tribes to ensure the department is in line with the Governor’s Executive Order B-10-11.

Tribal Consultation

The CDSS Tribal Consultation Policy (TCP) was finalized on June 6, 2017 in accordance with Governor Edmund Brown’s Executive Order B-10-11 and establishes a firm commitment to communication and consultation with California Indian Tribes.The TCP provides a framework for elected officials or other designated representatives of tribal governments to provide meaningful input into the development of regulations, rules, and policies on matters that may affect tribal communities.

Currently, the CDSS is rolling out a Tribal Consultation Strategy* that includes several phases of tribal inclusion.These phases consist of:

  • Disseminating the TCP to all tribes
  • Inviting tribal leaders to consult on the CDSS Tribal Engagement Strategy*
  • Visiting tribes who request consultation
  • Developing the Tribal Engagement Strategy based on consultation input
  • Convening a Tribal Consultation Summit on CDSS issues that impact tribes
  • Developing a Tribal Advisory Body and OTA Strategy for Engagement

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Office of Tribal Affairs

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Heather Hostler, OTA Director
Will Lightbourne, Tribal Liaison

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