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California Refugee Arrivals Data

The arrivals data is provided to the Refugee Programs Bureau (RPB) by the U.S. Department of State. The data represents the number of refugees entering the State of California each month. The data is used to prepare reports and charts by federal fiscal year (FFY) (i.e., October 1 through September 30).Only the number of refugee arrivals and other general information is provided; no personal or confidential information is included in the data. Additionally, the data does not include secondary migration (refugees who initially resettled in another state and then later moved to California). For questions regarding California's refugee arrivals data, please send an email to RPB@dss.ca.gov, or call (916) 654-4356.

Arrivals State Summary Reports by FFY

Country of Origin and/or Region Charts by FFY

California Afghan and Iraqi SIV Arrivals

In addition to the above refugee arrivals data, data on Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can be accessed below. SIV holders assisted or were employed by the United States government in Afghanistan or Iraq. The data below provided to the RPB by the Department of State on a monthly basis counts the number of Afghan and Iraqis who resettled in California after being granted SIV status. Please note that the data below only include SIV holders who have elected and received Reception & Placement assistance and benefits through Resettlement Agencies under the United States Refugee Admissions Program.

SIV Data Reports by FFY