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Refugee-Impacted Counties

Refugee programbenefits and services in California areprovided at the local level by county social services/welfare departments (or they contract with local refugee service providersto deliver direct services). Certain California counties where large populations of refugees reside are designated as refugee-impacted. These refugee-impacted counties offer additional employment and social services to refugees. Refugees who live in these counties may be eligible for special employment services and training. Current refugee-impacted counties are: Alameda,Los Angeles,Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco,Santa Clara and Stanislaus. Refugee forum meetingsare held inmost of these counties to discuss the issues and concerns of the refugee population in an effort to develop solutions for implementing services for successful refugee resettlement.

In these counties, generally, refugee programs and services are administered by a County Refugee Coordinator (CRC) (who also contract with local service providers). Contact the CRCfor your county to determine what services are available in your community.Visit the County Welfare Directors Associationwebsite for contact and location information to county social services/welfaredepartments statewide. For more on refugee program benefits and services, see our "Getting Services"page.

The externallinks below are to refugee-impacted counties that have refugee program information on-line. Please address any comments regarding the content or accuracy of the information to the respective Webmasters/Administrators. For questions regardingState program information,send email toRPB@dss.ca.gov.

Refugee-Impacted Counties:

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