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Refugee Coordinator Letters 2000

The Refugee Coordinator Letters (RCLs) are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please see Tips for Using Adobe PDF Files for details.

Note: Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System (MEDS) Reports are enclosures to some RCLs. If you have any questions regarding any RCL, please send an email to RPB@dss.ca.gov.

  • No. 00-01
    Technical Assistance Provider for the Elderly Refugee Discretionary Grants
  • No. 00-02
    County Consultant Reassignments
  • No. 00-03
    Frequently Asked Question on County Reporting Procedures
  • No. 00-04
    MEDS File Report for January 2000
  • No. 00-05
    Workgroup to improve Services Participation and Outcomes Report (RS 50)
  • No. 00-06
    MEDS File Report for February 2000
  • No. 00-07
    Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2000 discretionary funding to continue Elderly Refugee Grant projects
  • No. 00-08
    Quarterly Refugee Coordinators Meeting
  • No. 00-09
    MEDS File Report for March 2000
  • No. 00-11
    Quarterly Refugee Coordinators Meeting
  • No. 00-12
    County Refugee Plans for FFY 2000/2001
  • No. 00-13
    Notice of Proposed Availability of Formula Allocation Funding for FY 2000 TA Grants for Services to Refugee in Local Areas of High Need AND Proposed Notice of Allocations to States of FY 2000 Funds for Refugee Social Services
  • No. 00-14
    MEDS File Report for April 2000
  • No. 00-15
    Proposed County Allocations for FFY 2000 RESS and RESS Set-Aside Programs
  • No. 00-16
    FFY 98/99 RESS and TA Program Allocations Close-out
  • No. 00-17
    ORR Funding Notice of $1.7 million Discretionary Grant for Services to Elderly Refugees
  • No. 00-18
    MEDS File Report for May 2000
  • No. 00-19
    MEDS File Report for June 2000
  • No. 00-20
    Quarterly Refugee Coordinators Meeting
  • No. 00-21
    MEDS File Report for July 2000
  • No. 00-22
    Capacity Building Training for Mutual Assistance Associations
    and Community-Based Organizations
  • No. 00-23
    Final Allocations for FFY 2000 RESS and TA Programs
  • No. 00-24
    Unrestricted Social Security Cards for Refugees
  • No. 00-25
    FFY 1999 RESS Program Allocations
  • No. 00-26
    Semi-Annual Progress Report Template for Projects Funded Under the Discretionary Grant for Services to Elderly Refugees
  • No. 00-27
    MEDS File Report for August 2000
  • No. 00-29
    Collaborations with Local Area Agencies on Aging for Providers of Elderly Discretionary Grants
  • No. 00-30
    MEDS File Report for September 2000
  • No. 00-31
    Quarterly Refugee Coordinators Meeting
  • No. 00-32
    MEDS File Report for October 2000
  • No. 00-33
    Distribution of ORR State Letter No. 00-18, subject: Policy Guidance on the Title VI Prohibition Against National Origin Discrimination as it Affects Persons with Limited English Proficiency
  • No. 00-34
    MEDS File Report for November 2000
  • No. 00-35
    MEDS File Report for December 2000