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AD 56 A - Agency Adoption Program Quarterly Statistical Report

Report Instructions:
All reports are available in PDF format. Beginning with the July - September 2001 report, they are also available in Excel format. To view or print a report, click on the PDF link. To download a report, click on the Excel link. Help is available for questions regarding the file formats

Report QuarterUpdatedFile Format
January - March 2015PDFExcel
October - December 2014PDFExcel
July - September 2014PDFExcel
April - June 201411/06/14PDFExcel
January - March 201411/06/14PDFExcel
October - December 2013PDFExcel
July - September 2013PDFExcel
April - June 2013PDFExcel
January - March 2013PDFExcel
October - December 2012PDFExcel
July - September 2012PDFExcel
April - June 2012PDFExcel
January - March 2012PDFExcel
October - December 2011PDFExcel
July - September 2011PDFExcel
April - June 2011PDFExcel
January - March 2011PDFExcel
October - December 2010PDFExcel
July - September 2010PDFExcel
April - June 201004/05/11PDFExcel
January - March 201004/05/11PDFExcel
October - December 200904/05/11PDFExcel
July - September 200904/05/11PDFExcel
April- June 2009PDFExcel
January - March 2009PDFExcel
October - December 2008PDFExcel
July- September 2008PDFExcel
April - June 200804/30/09PDFExcel
January - March 200804/30/09PDFExcel
October - December 2007PDFExcel
July - September 2007PDFExcel
April - June 2007PDFExcel
January - March 2007PDFExcel
October - December 2006PDFExcel
July - September 2006PDFExcel
April - June 200608/08/07PDFExcel
January - March 200608/08/07PDFExcel
October - December 2005PDFExcel
July - September 200507/21/06PDFExcel
April - June 2005PDFExcel
January - March 2005PDFExcel
October - December 2004PDFExcel
July - September 2004PDFExcel
April - June 2004PDFExcel
January - March 2004PDFExcel
October - December 2003PDFExcel
July - September 2003PDFExcel
April - June 2003PDFExcel
January - March 2003PDFExcel
October - December 2002PDFExcel
July - September 2002PDFExcel
April - June 2002PDFExcel
January - March 2002PDFExcel
October - December 2001PDFExcel
July - September 2001PDFExcel
April - June 200111/08/02PDF
January - March 200110/04/02PDF
October - December 200001/09/03PDF
July - September 200010/04/02PDF
April - June 200010/04/02PDF
January - March 200010/04/02PDF
October - December 199910/04/02PDF
July - September 199910/04/02PDF