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CWS/CMS2 - Child Welfare Services/Case Management System - Characteristics of Children in Out-Of-Home Care

Report Instructions:
All monthly reports are available in PDF format. To view or print a report, click on the PDF link. Help is available for questions regarding the file formats.

Effective July 1, 2007, the CWS/CMS2 reports have been revised to best reflect the number of children in out-of-home placement.
Effective the September 2009 reporting period, inactive probation supervised out-of-home cases were closed, which resulted in a significant decrease in the probation caseload.

Please note that these reports are over 58 pages.

The June 2012 report month was the last period published. Additional data for child welfare services are available.

Report MonthUpdatedFile Format
June 2012PDF
May 2012PDF
April 2012PDF
March 2012PDF
February 2012PDF
January 2012PDF
December 2011PDF
November 2011PDF
October 2011PDF
September 2011PDF
August 2011PDF
July 2011PDF
June 2011PDF
May 2011PDF
April 2011PDF
March 2011PDF
February 2011PDF
January 2011PDF
December 2010PDF
November 2010PDF
October 2010PDF
September 2010PDF
August 2010PDF
July 2010PDF
June 2010PDF
May 2010PDF
April 2010PDF
March 2010PDF
February 2010PDF
January 2010PDF
December 2009PDF
November 2009PDF
October 2009PDF
September 2009PDF
August 2009PDF
July 2009PDF
June 2009PDF
May 2009PDF
April 2009PDF
March 2009PDF
February 2009PDF
January 2009PDF
December 2008PDF
November 2008PDF
October 2008PDF
September 2008PDF
August 2008PDF
July 2008PDF
June 2008PDF
May 2008PDF
April 2008PDF
March 2008PDF
February 2008PDF
January 2008PDF
December 2007PDF
November 200701/09/08PDF
October 200701/09/08PDF
September 2007PDF
August 2007PDF
July 200709/25/07PDF
June 2007PDF
May 2007PDF
April 2007PDF
March 2007PDF
February 2007PDF
January 2007PDF
December 2006PDF
November 2006PDF
October 2006PDF
September 2006PDF
August 200603/07/07PDF
July 2006PDF
June 2006PDF
May 2006PDF
April 2006PDF
March 2006PDF
February 200603/07/07PDF
January 2006PDF
December 2005PDF
November 2005PDF
October 200502/08/07PDF
September 2005PDF
August 200503/07/07PDF
July 2005PDF
June 2005PDF
May 2005PDF
April 2005PDF
March 2005PDF
February 2005PDF
January 2005PDF
December 200407/07/05PDF
November 200407/07/05PDF
October 200407/07/05PDF
September 200407/07/05PDF
August 200407/07/05PDF
July 200407/07/05PDF
June 200407/07/05PDF
May 200407/07/05PDF
April 200407/07/05PDF
March 200407/07/05PDF
February 200407/07/05PDF
January 200407/07/05PDF
December 2003PDF
November 2003PDF
October 2003PDF
September 2003PDF
August 2003PDF
July 2003PDF
June 2003PDF
May 2003PDF
April 2003PDF
March 2003PDF
February 2003PDF
January 2003PDF
December 2002PDF
November 2002PDF
October 200212/12/02PDF
September 2002PDF
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December 2001PDF
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