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LIC 181 - Licensing of Facilities for Children Monthly Statistical Report

Report Instructions:
All monthly reports are available in PDF format. Beginning with the January 2002 report month, they are also available in Excel format. To view or print a report, click on the PDF link. To download a report, click on the Excel link. Help is available for questions regarding the different file formats.

Report MonthUpdatedFile Format
May 2015PDFExcel
April 2015PDFExcel
March 201506/23/15PDFExcel
February 201506/23/15PDFExcel
January 201506/23/15PDFExcel
December 201406/23/15PDFExcel
November 201406/23/15PDFExcel
October 201406/23/15PDFExcel
September 201406/23/15PDFExcel
August 201406/23/15PDFExcel
July 201406/23/15PDFExcel
June 2014PDFExcel
May 201408/11/14PDFExcel
April 201408/11/14PDFExcel
March 201408/04/14PDFExcel
February 2014PDFExcel
January 201403/19/14PDFExcel
December 201308/04/14PDFExcel
November 201308/04/14PDFExcel
October 201303/19/14PDFExcel
September 201303/19/14PDFExcel
August 201301/09/14PDFExcel
July 201310/31/13PDFExcel
June 201308/14/13PDFExcel
May 201308/14/13PDFExcel
April 201307/03/13PDFExcel
March 201307/02/13PDFExcel
February 201307/02/13PDFExcel
January 201306/27/13PDFExcel
December 201206/27/13PDFExcel
November 201206/27/13PDFExcel
October 201206/27/13PDFExcel
September 201206/25/13PDFExcel
August 201206/25/13PDFExcel
July 201206/25/13PDFExcel
June 201204/03/13PDFExcel
May 201204/03/13PDFExcel
April 201204/02/13PDFExcel
March 201204/02/13PDFExcel
February 201204/02/13PDFExcel
January 201204/02/13PDFExcel
December 201104/02/13PDFExcel
November 201104/02/13PDFExcel
October 201104/02/13PDFExcel
September 201104/02/13PDFExcel
August 201112/18/12PDFExcel
July 201112/18/12PDFExcel
June 201112/14/12PDFExcel
May 201112/14/12PDFExcel
April 201112/14/12PDFExcel
March 201112/14/12PDFExcel
February 201112/14/12PDFExcel
January 201112/14/12PDFExcel
December 201012/14/12PDFExcel
November 201012/14/12PDFExcel
October 201012/07/12PDFExcel
September 201012/06/12PDFExcel
August 201012/05/12PDFExcel
July 201012/05/12PDFExcel
June 201008/05/11PDFExcel
May 201008/05/11PDFExcel
April 201008/05/11PDFExcel
March 201008/04/11PDFExcel
February 201008/04/11PDFExcel
January 201008/04/11PDFExcel
December 200908/04/11PDFExcel
November 200908/04/11PDFExcel
October 200908/04/11PDFExcel
September 200908/04/11PDFExcel
July 200908/04/11PDFExcel
February 200908/04/11PDFExcel
January 200907/27/11PDFExcel
December 200807/27/11PDFExcel
November 200807/08/11PDFExcel
October 200807/08/11PDFExcel
September 200807/06/11PDFExcel
August 200807/06/11PDFExcel
July 200807/06/11PDFExcel
June 200805/07/09PDFExcel
May 200805/07/09PDFExcel
April 200805/07/09PDFExcel
March 200805/07/09PDFExcel
February 200805/07/09PDFExcel
January 200805/07/09PDFExcel
December 200705/07/09PDFExcel
November 200705/07/09PDFExcel
October 200705/07/09PDFExcel
September 200705/07/09PDFExcel
August 200705/07/09PDFExcel
July 200705/07/09PDFExcel
June 200705/07/09PDFExcel
May 200705/07/09PDFExcel
April 200705/07/09PDFExcel
March 200705/07/09PDFExcel
February 200705/07/09PDFExcel
January 200705/07/09PDFExcel
December 200605/07/09PDFExcel
November 200605/07/09PDFExcel
October 200605/07/09PDFExcel
September 200605/07/09PDFExcel
August 200605/07/09PDFExcel
July 200605/07/09PDFExcel
June 200601/29/07PDFExcel
May 200601/29/07PDFExcel
April 200609/19/06PDFExcel
March 200601/29/07PDFExcel
February 200601/29/07PDFExcel
January 200601/29/07PDFExcel
December 200501/29/07PDFExcel
November 200501/25/07PDFExcel
October 200501/25/07PDFExcel
September 200501/25/07PDFExcel
August 200501/25/07PDFExcel
July 200501/25/07PDFExcel
June 200509/09/05PDFExcel
May 2005PDFExcel
April 2005PDFExcel
March 2005PDFExcel
February 2005PDFExcel
January 2005PDFExcel
December 2004PDFExcel
November 2004PDFExcel
October 2004PDFExcel
September 2004PDFExcel
August 2004PDFExcel
July 200401/14/05PDFExcel
June 2004PDFExcel
May 2004PDFExcel
April 2004PDFExcel
March 2004PDFExcel
February 2004PDFExcel
January 2004PDFExcel
December 2003 PDFExcel
November 2003 PDFExcel
October 2003 PDFExcel
September 2003 PDFExcel
August 2003 PDFExcel
July 2003 PDFExcel
June 2003 09/11/03PDFExcel
May 2003 PDFExcel
April 2003 PDFExcel
March 2003 PDFExcel
February 2003 PDFExcel
January 2003 PDFExcel
December 2002 PDFExcel
November 2002 PDFExcel
October 2002 PDFExcel
September 2002 PDFExcel
August 2002 PDFExcel
July 2002 PDFExcel
June 200210/03/02PDFExcel
May 2002 10/03/02PDFExcel
April 2002 PDFExcel
March 2002 PDFExcel
February 2002 PDFExcel
January 2002 PDFExcel
December 2001PDF
November 2001PDF
October 2001PDF
September 2001PDF
August 2001PDF
July 2001PDF
June 200111/02/01PDF
May 200108/31/01PDF
April 2001PDF
March 200106/22/01PDF
February 2001PDF
January 200105/04/01PDF
December 2000PDF
November 2000PDF
October 2000PDF
October 2000PDF
September 200002/16/01PDF
August 2000PDF
July 2000PDF
June 2000PDF
May 2000PDF
April 2000PDF
March 2000PDF
February 2000PDF
January 2000PDF