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CA 1037 - Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants Monthly Caseload Movement Statistical Report

Help is available for questions regarding the Excel file format. County revisions for current and prior years are anticipated for this report. Please check the site regularly for updated data.

Note: As of October 11, 2016, the May 2015 through February 2016 report months are now posted to the web. The March and April 2016 report months will be re-posted when the review has been completed.

Report PeriodUpdated
Fiscal Year 2015-1610/11/16
Fiscal Year 2014-1510/11/16
Fiscal Year 2013-1410/05/16
Fiscal Year 2012-1302/02/15
Fiscal Year 2011-1202/05/13
Fiscal Year 2010-1108/25/11
Fiscal Year 2009-1002/16/11
Fiscal Year 2008-0908/10/09
Fiscal Year 2007-0808/27/08
Fiscal Year 2006-0711/26/13
Fiscal Year 2005-0611/15/13
Fiscal Year 2004-0511/21/13
Fiscal Year 2003-0410/06/04
Fiscal Year 2002-0309/24/03