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Multiple Programs - Reports

Demographic Trends in California: 1970 - 2040
This analysis looks at demographic trends including fertility rates, migration rates, and population growth (by age-specific and ethnic-specific cohorts based on the California Department of Finance Projections) that may impact the demand for social service programs in future.

Public Assistance Facts and Figures
This monthly publication includes point in time caseload, payment/expenditures, and benefit level data for the following programs:

  • CalWORKs: Two Parent Families, Zero Parent Families, All Other Families, TANF Timed-Out, and Safety Net
  • Foster Care: Relative Homes a/, Foster Family Agencies, Foster Family Homes, Group Homes, Guardian Homes a/, Other Homes a/, and Unspecified Homes a/ (caseload data only, beginning July 2001)
  • Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment: Aged, Blind and Disabled
  • General Relief
  • CalFresh: Assistance and Nonassistance for both the federal and California Food Assistance Program
  • In-Home Supportive Services
  • Adult Protective Services (caseload only data)

Category designation added beginning with the July 2001 report month.

Also included are the unemployment and percent of population on assistance rates for California. For the caseload, payment/expenditure, unemployment, and population on assistance figures, the percent and numerical change between the current month and prior month, and the percent change between the current month and same month in the prior year, are also displayed. Note: for this publication, prior period data is updated to reflect the most current information such as county reported changes, updates, and revisions (except for Foster Care (beginning with the July 2001 report month). For this reason, the numerical and percentage changes cannot be calculated using data from prior month PAFF publications.

The Regions of California: Recommended Grouping of the Counties for Regional Studies
This 2002 report examines different regional definitions of California counties and makes a recommendation about which is "best" for analytical needs of CDSS progams.