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ABCD 350 - Annual Recipient Report

Report Instructions:
Allreports are available in PDF format.Beginning with the July 2002 report, they are also available in Excel format. Please note: this report is over 25 pages in length. To view or print a report, click on the PDF link. To download a report, click on the Excel link. Help is available for questions regarding the different file formats.

Data definitions for all reports found on Report Forms and Instructions.
Data trends for this report found on CalWORKs Data Trends.

July 2015PDFExcel
July 2014PDFExcel
July 2013PDFExcel
July 201211/05/13PDFExcel
July 201111/20/12PDFExcel
July 201002/10/14PDFExcel
July 200911/20/12PDFExcel
July 200802/11/14PDFExcel
July 2007PDFExcel
July 2006PDFExcel
July 2005PDFExcel
July 2004PDFExcel
July 2003PDFExcel
July 2002PDFExcel
July 200102/13/03PDF
July 2000PDF
July 199901/24/00PDF