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Public Assistance Facts and Figures

NOTE: The March 2013 through October 2013 reports will not be issued. The January 2014 through current month reports are in the process of being revised and will be posted upon completion on a flow basis. Please check the site periodically for updates. 
Help is available for questions regarding the PDF and Excel file formats.

Report MonthUpdatedFile Format
December 2013PDF
November 2013PDF
February 201306/18/13PDF
January 201306/18/13PDF
December 2012PDF
November 2012PDF
October 2012PDF
September 2012PDF
August 2012PDF
July 2012PDF
June 2012PDF
May 2012PDF
April 2012PDF
March 2012PDF
February 2012PDF
January 2012PDF
December 2011PDF
November 2011PDF
October 2011PDF
September 2011PDF
August 2011PDF
July 2011PDF
June 201110/06/11PDF
May 201110/06/11PDF
April 201110/06/11PDF
March 201110/06/11PDF
February 201110/06/11PDF
January 201110/06/11PDF
December 201010/06/11PDF
November 201010/05/11PDF
October 201010/05/11PDF
September 201010/05/11PDF
August 201010/05/11PDF
July 201010/05/11PDF
June 201009/30/11PDF
May 201009/30/11PDF
April 201009/30/11PDF
March 201009/30/11PDF
February 201009/30/11PDF
January 201009/30/11PDF
December 200909/30/11PDF
November 200909/30/11PDF
October 200909/30/11PDF
September 200909/30/11PDF
August 200909/30/11PDF
July 200909/30/11PDF
June 200909/30/11PDF
May 200909/30/11PDF
April 2009PDF
March 200906/17/11PDF
February 200906/24/11PDF
January 200906/07/11PDF
December 200806/07/11PDF
November 200806/02/11PDF
October 200806/02/11PDF
September 2008PDF
August 2008PDF
July 2008PDF
June 2008PDF
May 2008PDF
April 2008PDF
March 2008PDF
February 2008PDF
January 2008PDF
December 2007PDF
November 2007PDF
October 2007PDF
September 2007PDF
August 2007PDF
July 200710/18/07PDF
June 2007PDF
May 2007PDF
April 2007PDF
March 2007PDF
February 2007PDF
January 2007PDF
December 2006PDF
November 2006PDF
October 2006PDF
September 2006PDF
August 2006PDF
July 2006PDF
June 2006PDF
May 2006PDF
April 2006PDF
March 2006PDF
February 2006PDF
January 2006PDF
December 2005PDF
November 2005PDF
October 2005PDF
September 2005PDF
August 2005PDF
July 2005PDF
June 2005PDF
May 2005PDF
April 2005PDF
March 2005PDF
February 2005PDF
January 2005PDF
December 2004PDF
November 2004PDF
October 2004PDF
September 2004PDF
August 2004PDF
July 2004PDF
June 2004PDF
May 2004PDF
April 200409/21/04PDF
March 2004PDF
February 2004PDF
January 2004PDF
December 2003PDF
November 2003PDF
October 2003PDF
September 2003PDF
August 2003PDF
July 2003PDF
June 2003PDF
May 2003PDF
April 2003PDF
March 2003PDF
February 2003PDF
January 2003PDF
December 2002PDF
November 2002PDF
October 200201/22/03PDF
September 2002PDF
August 2002PDF
July 2002PDF
June 200211/21/02 PDF
May 2002PDF
April 2002PDF
March 2002PDF
February 2002PDF
January 2002PDF
December 2001PDF
November 2001PDF
October 2001PDF
September 2001PDF
August 2001PDF
July 2001PDF
June 2001PDF
May 2001PDF
April 2001PDF
March 2001PDF
February 2001PDF
January 2001PDF
December 2000PDF
November 2000PDF
October 2000PDF
September 2000PDF
August 2000PDF
July 2000PDF
June 2000PDF
May 2000PDF
April 2000PDF
March 2000PDF
February 2000PDF
January 2000PDF
December 1999PDF
November 1999PDF
October 1999PDF