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Reference Tables

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The following documents list the various aid amounts and standards in many of the programs involved in State Hearings. The files are in HyperText Markup Language format (HTML) and printable Portable Document Format (PDF). The files are organized by the following subject areas.

CalWORKs Tables
MBSAC Levels (1989-Present) Rev. 7-10-16
MAP Levels (1995-Present) Rev. 8-4-15
80% of MAP (1995-Present) Rev. 2-21-06
In-kind Income Values (Present) Rev. 7-10-16
AFDC Gross Income Limits (1985-1997)
Foster Care Payment Levels Rev. 7-10-16
Income Reporting Threshold Tables (2004 - Present) Rev. 6-4-16
Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) (2013 - Present) Rev.
Allotment Tables Rev. 12-10-08
Gross and Net Income Maximums (1987-Present) Rev. 10-1-13
Maximum Allotments (1994-Present) Rev. 10-1-13
Standard Deduction, Maximum Shelter Deduction, Standard Utility Allowance,
Homeless Household Shelter Allowance, Limited Utility Allowance(1994-Present)
Rev. 10-1-13
Categorical Eligibility Income Limits (200% Federal Poverty Level) (2014 - Present)

Medi-Cal Tables

Maintenance Need
Medi-Cal, MAGI Medi-Cal and Covered California Income Levels
MCCA CSRA and MMNA, Nursing Average Pay Rate, (current and prior year) Rev. 8-25-14
Pickle Multiplier (Current and prior year) Rev. 1-24-13
Sneede/Gamma Tables (current) Rev. 5-01-12
SSI and CAPI Tables
SSI/SSP and CAPI (current and prior year) Rev. 1-24-13