Welcome to the California Department of Social Services

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Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the State Hearings Division is to resolve disputes of applicants and recipients of public social services in an impartial, independent, fair, and timely manner, ensuring that due process is met in accordance with federal and state law.


We envision the State Hearings Division as an organization whose role, reputation, and commitment to people are widely known and respected.

The Role of the State Hearings Division

We provide timely, independent, and impartial due process hearings and produce timely, legally correct decisions.

  • We maintain the integrity of the state hearing process
  • We provide efficient administration of the state hearing process
  • We communicate with counties, claimants, and others to achieve an efficient and effective state hearing process
  • We identify and influence various issues that arise in the state hearing process that appear inconsistent with existing law or policy

Professionalism and Efficiency

  • We acquire and maximize the use of advanced technology and have a comprehensive and timely information system
  • We provide safe, secure, and professional working conditions
  • We provide effective leadership and management of the process at all levels
  • We maintain a highly trained, competent, and professional workforce

People Do Matter

  • We cultivate a positive organizational morale and spirit, and a work environment: with teamwork, respect and courtesy where people have a positive attitude toward their jobs and feel safe and comfortable to express themselves appropriately without fear of reprisal or ridicule
  • We set reasonable workload limits, recognizing employee effort and achievement, and in turn keep our valued workforce
  • We ensure that parties within and outside the organization can have their concerns heard and acted upon, and that we are sensitive to their perspectives

Outstanding Reputation and Performance

  • We commit to a timely hearing process that produces quality decisions
  • Our professionalism and commitment to excellence have earned us the highest respect and appreciation
  • We are viewed as one of the best organizations by those inside and outside the Department

Value Statements

  • Provide quality work and caring about people
  • Protect the rights of claimants, counties, and other involved parties as provided by law
  • Listen carefully to all who are concerned about, and affected by, the administrative hearing process
  • Empower employees to participate in teamwork, to be creative, and to communicate openly in an atmosphere free of fear
  • Pursue and recognize excellence and provide the support, training, tools, and technology to achieve it