CACFP Administrative Manual Section 1.3

Section 1: Program Eligibility

1.3 Program Agreement Type

Centers Agreements

Federal regulations define two ways that centers may enter into an agreement with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) in order to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP); they may be independent centers or center sponsors.

Independent Center

An independent center is an agency that operates the CACFP at a single physical site. Independent centers enter into an agreement with the CDSS to assume financial and administrative responsibility for program operations.

Center Sponsor

A center sponsor is an agency that manages food service programs at multiple approved center sites. Center sponsors enter into an agreement with the CDSS to assume financial and administrative responsibility for program operations at all sponsored sites. Per CACFP regulations, center sponsors must also meet additional monitoring requirements that help ensure each site remains in compliance. Center sponsors may manage either affiliated centers (sites owned and operated by the sponsoring organization) or unaffiliated centers.

Sponsors of Unaffiliated Centers (SOUC)

SOUCs have some or all sites which they sponsor, that are owned by another business entity. SOUCs must enter into an agreement with each business entity for the management of their food service program. SOUCs must submit a list of responsible principals (including a name, a date of birth, and a nonbusiness address) for all unaffiliated sites prior to state agency approval of the site in the Child Nutrition Information and Payment System. SOUCs are subject to the same monitoring requirements as center sponsors. SOUCs are administratively and financially responsible for all program operations at each site.

Private, for-profit sponsors may not sponsor any unaffiliated centers.

Agencies may not contract or subcontract program management functions to a third party. Program management functions include, but are not limited to, monitoring, corrective action, and preparation of application or reimbursement claim materials.

Day Care Home Agreements

To participate in the CACFP, DCH sponsors must be either public or private nonprofit agencies. DCH providers are eligible to participate in the CACFP only under a DCH sponsor. DCH sponsors must enter into a written permanent agreement with each day care home provider which specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

References: 7 CFR, sections 226.2, 226.15(c), 226.17(a), 226.17a(a)(1)(i), 226.18(b), 226.19(a), and 226.19a(a).

Questions: A list of program specialists that can assist is found on the CACFP Contact List.

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