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Section 16: Administrative Review Process for Compliance with the CACFP Meal Patterns

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) modified the CACFP administrative review process to address compliance with the updated CACFP meal patterns. This section will address how reviewers will determine whether the meal pattern requirements were met during the month of the administrative review and the day of the onsite meal observation. Additional resources are provided at the bottom of the page.

16.1 Analyzing the Menu for the Administrative Review

Reviewers will identify the month of review, (defined as the last month the CACFP Operator submitted a claim for reimbursement).

Reviewers will analyze the menu for the month of review to ensure that:

  • All food components for a reimbursable meal and snack were included.
  • Adequate portion sizes for all age groups were served for all meal types.
  • Milk types (unflavored or flavored) and fat content (whole, 1 percent, or fat-free) of milk served was documented on the menu for each age group.
  • Meat/meat alternates were not substituted for the grain component at breakfast more than three times per week.
  • Fruit or vegetable juice was not served more than once each day to meet the fruit or vegetable requirement.
  • At least one whole grain-rich (WGR) food item per day was served and documented on the menu record.
  • Grain-based desserts were not served on the menu to meet the requirement for the grain component. Note: Grain-based desserts are denoted with a superscript of 3 or 4 in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Buying Guide (FBG) Exhibit A: Grain Requirements for Child Nutrition Programs table.
  • Ready to eat breakfast cereals and yogurt served meet the maximum sugar limitations.
  • Deep-fat fried foods (i.e., food submerged in hot oil) prepared onsite were not on the menu as part of a reimbursable meal.
  • For adult day care centers only, yogurt was not substituted for milk more than once per day.
  • Child Nutrition (CN) Labels or signed product formulation statements (PFS) are available for all processed foods that are not listed in the USDA FBG (e.g., pizza, corn dogs, chicken nuggets). Note: To credit a processed food listed in the USDA FBG, such as canned beans and soups, the name of the food on the product label must exactly match the name in the “Food as Purchased, AP” column in the FBG.
  • Recipes for scratch cooking foods

References: CACFP Regulations,7 CFR sections 226.15 and 226.20; California Healthy Beverages Act, California Health and Safety Code Section 1596.808; Child and Adult Care Food Program Bulletins.

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