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Section 2: Participant Eligibility

2.3 Day Care Home (DCH) Provider Eligibility

DCH providers are eligible to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) only with an approved DCH sponsoring organization. DCH sponsors must only recruit providers that are licensed, registered, or government approved. Sponsors may only recruit providers that are not operating under another DCH sponsorship.

Providers must have an approved Provider Application in the Child Nutrition Information and Payment System (CNIPS) before they are eligible to receive reimbursement. Providers are restricted from transferring between sponsoring organizations to no more frequently that once per year, except in extenuating circumstances, such as termination of the sponsoring organizations CACFP agreement with the California Department of Social Services.

Sponsoring organizations must have the following on file for all approved providers:

  • Most current Sponsor and Provider Permanent Agreement signed by both the provider and a sponsor representative
  • Current license or other acceptable licensing documentation

License Exempt (Trustline) Providers

Trustline is California's registry of unlicensed child care providers. To be eligible to participate in the CACFP, the Trustline provider must provide care in their home. Trustline registry providers must comply with the same CACFP regulations as licensed day care home providers.

A DCH sponsor must submit the following documents when requesting to add a Trustline provider to its list of approved sites:

  1. A completed CACFP Site Change Request form.
  2. A completed DCH Site Application.
  3. A completed Health and Safety Self-Certification form (CCP 4).
  4. Documentation of Trustline clearance, which includes:
    1. A copy of a letter from the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network containing the provider's name and identification number; or
    3. A copy of a clearance notification letter addressed to the provider from the California Department of Social Services. (When such a letter is used for documentation, the DCH sponsor must confirm the provider's clearance status by calling the Trustline Registry at 800-822-8490 and documenting the call.)

    References: 7 CFR Sections 226.6(d), 226.16(b)(2), 226.16(b)(3), 226.18(b), 226.18(a) and 226.6(p); MB License Exempt (Trustline) Providers.

    Questions: A list of program specialists that can assist is found on the CACFP Contact List.

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