CalWORKs HVP Collaborative Partners

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Welcome to CalWORKs HVP Collaborative Partners page. This page is intended to share information, resources, and updates for CalWORKs HVP partners.

CalWORKs HVP CQI Workgroup

CalWORKs HVP is committed to collaborating with home visiting partners. One key method of collaboration is by convening the mandated (Welfare & Institutions Code 11330.8(a)), CalWORKs HVP Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Workgroup.

The CalWORKs HVP CQI Workgroup will review, analyze, and interpret qualitative and quantitative data to inform CalWORKs HVP practices, policies, and home visiting programs. The role of the Workgroup is to draw on their area of expertise and invaluable knowledge to advise the CalWORKs HVP team in identifying opportunities and recommendations for CalWORKs HVP quality improvement.

The CalWORKs HVP CQI Workgroup includes representatives from the following roles: legislative staff, representatives of counties and county human services agencies, CalWORKs eligibility workers, home visitors with experience serving CalWORKs recipients, current or former CalWORKs clients, advocates for clients, local and state First 5 representatives, the State Department of Health Care Services, the State Department of Public Health, home visiting program administrators, home visiting program experts and advocates.