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CACFP Meal Requirements and Nutrition Resources

Provides information about improving nutrition and establishing healthy eating habits in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).  Includes meal requirements, nutrition resources, and training tools for Program Operators.

Meal Requirements

CACFP Meal Patterns

Crediting and Calculating Grains

Calculating Grains Oz Eq: PFSs
Calculating Grains Oz Eq: Nutrition Facts Label
Calculating Grains Oz Eq: Recipes
Calculating Grains Oz Eq: CN-Labeled Products
Crediting Grains Using Ounce Equivalents
Long Description for Figure 1: Grains Flowchart
Long Description for Figure 2: Grains Flowchart

Training Tools

Crediting Luncheon and Processed M/MA in the CACFP
Determining Creditable Grain Products in the CACFP
Determining Whole Grain-rich Products in the CACFP
Developing a Menu with Serving Sizes
Introducing Solids to Infants in the CACFP
Infant Ounce Equivalents
Serving Cheese in the CACFP
Service Smoothies in the CACFP
USDA Food Buying Guide Calculator Steps