About Our Paraphrased Regulations ("ParaRegs")

The ParaRegs are summaries of the law and agency guidance. They cover the programs subject to the California Department of Social Services State Hearings Division hearings.

  • ParaRegs DO NOT cover every possible issue or situation
  • ParaRegs usually set forth the general rule; they may not include all the exceptions to the general rule

ParaRegs do not necessarily reflect the policy of the California Department of Social Services or the California Department of Health Services.


The primary purpose of E-Notes is to communicate important information to the Administrative Law Judges with the State Hearings Division (SHD).This information includes summaries of Department of Social Services (CDSS) and Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) letters, departmental policy clarifications, and changes in law.

These E-Notes have been issued by he State Hearings Division since 2008. They are posted on our webpage so that stakeholders - counties, claimants, and advocates - have the benefit of this information.

Notes from the SHD Training Bureau

SHD issued Notes from the Training Bureau ("NTB") from 1995 through 2010.  Similar to E-Notes, the purpose of the NTB was to communicate information to SHD Administrative Law Judges.  NTB have also been made available to stakeholders.

A number of these NTB are no longer accurate or current because of changes in law or department policy.  However, because a number of them still are accurate, or reflect law or policy that was in effect at a particular time, a link to them has been provided.  Any NTB should be checked to see whether it is still accurate before being relied upon.