Reference Tables

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The following documents list the various aid amounts and standards in many of the programs involved in State Hearings.

CalWORKs Tables

MBSAC Levels (1989-Present) | Rev. 7-10-16
MAP Levels (1995-Present) | Rev. 8-4-15
80% of MAP (1995-Present) | Rev. 2-21-06
In-kind Income Values (Present) | Rev. 7-10-16
AFDC Gross Income Limits (1985-1997)
Foster Care Payment Levels | Rev. 7-10-16
Income Reporting Threshold Tables (2004 - Present) | Rev. 6-4-16

CalFresh Tables

Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) (2013 - Present)
Allotment Tables | Rev. 12-10-08
Gross and Net Income Maximums (1987-Present) | Rev. 10-1-13
Maximum Allotments (1994-Present) | Rev. 10-1-13
Standard Deduction, Maximum Shelter Deduction, Standard Utility Allowance
Homeless Household Shelter Allowance, Limited Utility Allowance (1994-Present)
| Rev. 10-1-13
Categorical Eligibility Income Limits (200% Federal Poverty Level) (2014 - Present)

Medi-Cal Tables

Maintenance Need
Medi-Cal, MAGI Medi-Cal and Covered California Income Levels
MCCA CSRA and MMNA, Nursing Average Pay Rate, (current and prior year) | Rev. 8-25-14
Pickle Multiplier (Current and prior year) | Rev. 1-24-13
Sneede/Gamma Tables (current) | Rev. 5-01-12

SSI and CAPI Tables

SSI/SSP and CAPI (current and prior year) | Rev. 1-24-13