Private Agency Adoption Reimbursement Program (PAARP)

Per Welfare and Institution Code (W&IC) Section 16122, the PAARP was created in 1999, with the intent to provide children and youth who would otherwise remain in long-term foster care with permanent adoptive homes, and to support the adoption agencies that helped facilitate these adoptions. Assembly Bill 1301 (Chapter 827, Statutes of 2019) has established that effective July 1, 2020, county child welfare agencies will assume local control of the PAARP and be required to compensate licensed private adoption agencies for the costs associated with supporting families through the process of adopting children and NMDs eligible for Adoption Assistance Program benefits.  AB 1301 also shifted the responsibility of collecting and processing PAARP claims from CDSS to the counties.

Please see the PAARP Contact List (Adobe required) for the county child welfare agency point of contact.

Resources and Information

PAARP Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) (Adobe required):

For more information, please refer to the following All County Letters (ACLs) and All County Information Notice (ACIN):


For adoption policy and regulation questions, contact:

California Department of Social Services
Adoption Policy Unit
744 P Street, MS 8-12-521
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-8089

For PAARP claims and processing, contact:

For PAARP questions and concerns: