Operations Manual 

The Operations Manual provides CalFresh Outreach contractors with all of the guidelines and information for managing CalFresh outreach. It is divided into two sections, for fiscal and program management.  The program guidelines cover topics such as understanding scope of work deliverables, site visits, and training.  The fiscal guidelines include how to handle invoices and tracking and reporting expenditures.

The Operations Manual is being developed by the CDSS team and, as sections are completed, they will be posted to this site.

Fiscal Guidelines

Equipment: Purchasing, Tracking and Expensing
Invoice Documentation
Budget Modification
Travel and Per Diem

Program Guidelines

Developing and Approving Web and Print Materials
Scope of Work Deliverables
CalFresh Modified Categorical Eligibility (MCE)

Best Practices to Setup Accounts in CBO Portals

C4Yourself (C-IV) 
MyBenefits CalWIN