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The California Family Health Study is a research study being conducted by the Public Health Survey Research Program (PHSRP) at California State University, Sacramento on behalf of the California Department of Social Services. For this very important study, CDSS is interviewing moms and female caregivers. For some homes, we would also like to talk with children with the mom’s or female caregiver’s help. For other homes, we would also like to talk to teenagers.

For the CFHS study, PHSRP surveys households with mothers or female caregivers and children (aged 5-17) present in the household. CDSS is interested in California residents’ fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, food security, and improving programs and services throughout the state. Over the last five years, we have spoken with more than 20,000 women in California over the phone.

Information is collected for this study using a telephone survey, which includes: demographics (e.g., age), weight, height, physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption and availability, sugary beverage consumption, and a 24-hour dietary recall. Interviews are conducted in English and Spanish.

California Family Health Study: FAQ's

How can you join this study?

If you have received a letter from us we will be calling you. If you would like to provide us with the best phone numbers to call, please call us on our toll-free contact number 1-800-321-1966.

Why are you being asked to participate?

You were selected randomly from a list of names in the California Department of Social Services’ database system to represent families in your communities that are similar to yours.

How did we get your address and phone number?

Addresses and phone numbers were selected by the California Department of Social Services from one of their databases and given to California State University, Sacramento’s Public Health Survey Research Program (PHSRP) so you could be contacted to see if you would be interested in participating in the study.

Is this study confidential?

Yes, your participation in this study is completely confidential. Deciding whether to participate or not will not affect any benefits you receive from the state of California. We will not share your name with any outside organization. Your survey responses will be used for research purposes only. Survey results will be published only as a group, not as individual results. All people working with the data are required to sign a statement of confidentiality regarding all information provided by the people we interview.

How long is the survey?

The survey has two parts. The first part of the survey will take between 10 and 15 minutes. We will also ask you to help us record what you ate and drank in the past day. This part of the survey will take around 30-45 minutes.

What does the survey ask?

The survey asks questions about your health behaviors, including activities that you do and what you eat and drink.

Who are we?

PHSRP has been asked by California Department of Social Services to administer the survey. We provide services to assist the State of California in learning about the health and health needs of Californians. You may contact us at 1-800-321-1966 for additional information.

Who is funding this survey?

This study is being funded by the California Department of Social Services through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Why are we conducting this survey?

We are conducting this survey to find out whether the programs we are providing are helpful to you, your family, and your community.

What do we do with the collected survey information?

All of the responses to the survey will be placed into one data set. The combined data file will have no identification information included. Once PHSRP finishes conducting the surveys, the combined data file will be sent to the California Department of Social Services. The information will be used to understand the effectiveness of their programs in your community.

Funding Statement

This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Contact Us

Celeste Doerr, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Public Health Institute
916-265-4042, Ext. 100

Sarah Kehl
Co-Principal Investigator
California Department of Social Services

If you have been contacted and want to participate, call:
Public Health Survey Research Program
California State University, Sacramento

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