Cal-OAR Training and Technical Assistance

Training and technical assistance are core components of Cal-OAR implementation and will be provided in an ongoing way through various mechanisms. 

Training on Cal-OAR will be provided to all CWDs, including statewide online training, conference calls, and regional in-person trainings. CDSS recommends that CWD staff participate in all Cal-OAR trainings. Trainings will provide CWDs with details on: the Cal-OAR process; the Cal-OAR performance measures with technical instruction on data entry; and, the information and resources necessary to implement and complete the Cal-CQI components (including the Cal-CSA, Cal-SIP, Progress Report, and Cal-OAR Peer Review). 

The online trainings began in May 2019. Regional trainings began in Spring 2022. Information on the cohort workplan and training schedule and intended audience of each training session is provided on the Cal-OAR Continuous Quality Improvement web page.

The CDSS will be facilitating ongoing “Cal-OAR Forums” to reinforce the training concepts and answer questions. The Cal-OAR Forums also began in May of 2019. Scheduling and logistical information will be provided via this website.