Known Propensity to Danger

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When initially placing a child into foster care or kinship care, and within 48 hours of any subsequent placement of that child, the placing agency shall provide to the child's caretaker the following:

  • Prescribed medications for the child that are in the possession of the placing agency, with instructions for the use of the medication.
  • Information regarding any treatments that are known to the placing agency and that are in effect for the child at the time of the placement.
  • Known available existing issues relevant to the child that may jeopardize the health and safety of the foster child or foster family or alter the manner in which foster care should be administered.
  • Behavioral issues which may affect the care and supervision of the child.
  • Known or suspected dangerous behaviors as listed on the DCS 156.1 PROPENSITY OF DANGEROUS BEHAVIORS
  • History of physical, medical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  • Special medical and/or behavioral needs of the child and identification of all current medications that have been prescribed for the child
  • Past and current infections and diseases relative to the placement, and
  • Educational and past existing medical records (e.g. immunizations).

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