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CCR Overview of the Level of Care Protocol (LOCP)

The LOCP was developed for use by county child welfare and probation staff as a strengths-based approach for determining Board and Care rates. The protocol matches the individual care and supervision needs of foster children with a resource parents' level of support. The Home-Based Family Care (HBFC) rate (Board and Care Rate), including if applicable, an Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) rate is paid to a resource parent to support a foster child's placement in a family setting. The LOCP is comprised of a matrix that lists five domains (Physical, Behavioral/Emotional, Health, Educational and Permanency/Family Services Domain), that are scored separately and totaled to translate to a LOCP rate.

For information about the LOCP, see ACL 16-79 , ACL 17-11, ACL 17-111, ACL 18-06, ACL 18-06E , and ACL 18-32.   

Level of Care Rate Determination Protocol Infographic

For the current LOCP rates, see ACL 18-93 for the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) and ACL 18-89 for the California Necessities Index (CNI).

Additional information:
ACL 18-48 - State Guidance for Specialized Care Rate (SCR) Programs
ACL 18-25 - Implementation of the Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) Program
ACL 18-88 - Establishment of a Services-Only Rate to Secure Additional Services and Supports

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Resource Family Reporting Tool

Notice of Form Change

SOC 501 (12/17) - Levels of Care (LOCP) Rate Determination Matrix 18-002
SOC 500 (12/17) - Level of Care (LOCP) Digital Scoring Form 18-012
SOC 500A (12/17) - Level of Care (LOCP) Manual Scoring Form 18-013

Please send an email to loc@dss.ca.gov to request updated SOC 500 and SOC 501 forms

Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) Rates

Intensive Services Foster Care Authorized Rates (4/18/2018)