Supporting Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

The Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) is dedicated to meeting the range of intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs of youth in foster care. This website shares the resources and tools available to support effective care. CCR believes that by working together across systems and agencies we are better able to understand and meet the needs of communities, families and youth.

Meeting the needs of foster youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health and specialized needs requires interagency teamwork. To address the need for interagency work, the state is implementing System of Care in all counties and fostering enhanced connections for state agencies. That System of Care is built on the state’s Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM). The ICPM contains practices, values and principles which, when used consistently by system partners and community providers, leads to better care and enhanced coordination of services.


Announcement: The System of Care Branch is offering Case Consultations with Dr. Haleigh Scott, a Specialist in Trauma Informed Treatments and Interventions, for Those Working with Youth with Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DDs).

Do you need support for a youth that is expressing distressed or challenging behaviors that may impact stability? Does the Child and Family Team (CFT) want to stabilize and preserve placement for the youth in a family based setting or Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP)?

Your Multi-Disciplinary Team Can Receive:

  • Recommendations on therapy models, services and supports for youth with co-occurring trauma or mental health challenges and I/DD;
  • Individual and team coaching to strengthen direct therapeutic trauma informed services to the youth and family;
  • Strengthened care/transition plans via troubleshooting barriers to care; and,
  • Strengthened communication and collaboration within the system of care to better meet the needs of the youth and family.

Requirements for Case Consultation Eligibility:

  1. Youth is in foster care or at risk of entering foster care; and,
  2. Has a developmental disability, including intellectual disability or autism, with mild to moderate trauma, mental health challenges and/or expression of distressed behaviors; and,
  3. Has current mental health, behavioral, developmental, and educational assessments complete and available for review.

Please contact to request support

See flyer for more information: Dr. Scott flyer


New Training Announcement Coming Soon!

Kickoff Webinar Hosted by CDSS with Dr. Haleigh Scott.

Watch Kickoff Recordings Here


As a resource to state, county, and local staff, the system profiles below provide an overview of the services offered by our various systems that all serve children and youth with I/DD.

This is the compendium of resources available to children and youth served by our various systems. The system profile links below outline how eligibility is determined, what the denial appeal processes entail, how the system interacts with other systems or programs, how information is shared, and how referrals are made.

System Profile Links:


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