In order to meet the accreditation requirement of FFPSA, beginning October 1, 2021, any new or change of placement into a non-accredited STRTP or Community Treatment Facility (CTF) will be ineligible to be paid with FFP beyond two-weeks. Please note, the two-week period is contingent upon an assessment of the Qualified Individual being conducted within 30 days of the placement.

For more information regarding the accreditation requirement please see the CDSS Accreditation Memo. To verify a provider’s accreditation status, please see the STRTP Accreditation Tracker (updated weekly) below.

To submit accreditation status, please complete the Accreditation Status Form and return the form along with proof of accreditation, to the STRTP Accreditation e-mail box:

If any information reflected on the STRTP Accreditation tracker is inaccurate, please contact the STRTP Accreditation e-mail box. Note CTFs may also utilize the accreditation status inbox for submission of any information related to accreditation.


CDSS Accreditation Memo
Accreditation Status Form
STRTP Accreditation Tracker (03/22/2023)

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