COVID-19 Resources

A Playbook and Webinars for Supporting Child and Youth Permanency through a Wraparound-Informed Approach during COVID-19

This Playbook is a practical guide for child welfare agencies and service providers to understand and implement Wraparound-informed strategies, recognize the flexible funding available on a short-term basis described in ACL 20-44, and to better understand behavioral health service delivery for child welfare and probation involved youth and families. Please note the flexible foster care rates authorization expired on September 30, 2020 and have not been reauthorized. However, most of the remaining information in the Playbook and webinars remains relevant and helpful.

CDSS General COVID-19 Resources, including COVID-19 related county letters

National Wraparound Implementation Center and National Wraparound Initiative COVID Resources

The purpose of this document is to review key elements of the Wraparound process practice model and potential modifications that may be necessary to effectively support young people and families participating in Wraparound during COVID-19, while also adhering to public health and safety standards.