Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Recipients and Providers

EVV is a federal law that requires electronic record of certain information about the IHSS and/or WPCS services performed. There are upcoming changes for non-live-in IHSS and WPCS providers beginning July 1, 2023.

Beginning July 1, 2023, all IHSS and WPCS providers who do not live with their recipient are required to check-in and out at the beginning and end of each workday and indicate if services are being provided in the home or community.

Non-Live-in Providers are able to check-in and out using either the new IHSS EVV Mobile Application (App), the Electronic Services Portal (ESP), or the Telephone Timesheet System (TTS) using the recipient’s landline telephone. Check-in, check-out and location information will populate on the provider’s electronic timesheet automatically, saving time for providers when submitting timesheets at the end of the pay period.

There are no penalties for providers for making corrections to their check-in, check-out and location information on their timesheet. Providers should make corrections before submitting their electronic timesheet to their recipient for approval just like they do today.

There are no changes for providers that live with their recipient. Live-in providers will continue to complete and submit their electronic timesheet to their recipient for approval the same way they do today.

There are no changes for recipients. Recipients will continue to review and approve their provider’s electronic timesheets the same as today. The EVV requirements do not change how recipient services are authorized or how recipients receive their services.

EVV Live Webinars

The Adult Programs Division will be conducting EVV Location Services provider training webinar sessions beginning in April 2023, to demonstrate how non-live-in providers will use the IHSS EVV Mobile App & ESP, and the TTS to check-in and out beginning July 1, 2023.

Please click the link to the schedule below for the upcoming IHSS EVV Location Services Webinar schedule. To participate in the webinar, on the day of your choice, click the link listed on the schedule to join the session. Training webinars will continue throughout the year and the schedule will be updated.

Electronic Visit Verification Webinar schedule

EVV Location Services Webinar Training Materials

Webinar Recording: Location Services Mobile App & ESP Informational Sessions for Non-Live-in Providers

Electronic Visit Verification Location Check-In Check-Out ESP EVV Mobile App Overview
Translation: Armenian , Chinese (coming soon), Spanish

Electronic Visit Verification Location Services FAQ
Translation: Armenian, Chinese, Spanish

EVV Mobile App, ESP & TTS Training Materials

The following informational materials apply beginning July 1, 2023

Additional Webcasts

The webcasts listed below provide information for recipients and providers including an overview of EVV, as well as information regarding time entry for recipients and providers, and approving timesheets.

The IHSS Service Desk is also available to help those recipients and providers that need assistance with the Electronic Services Portal Website. Please contact the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066 during normal business hours of 8am- 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

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