Project Status, Events and Updates

Upcoming Events

The CECRIS project team is in the final stages of the County Expense Claim Pilot. The first phase began in January 2021 with 20 participating counties and state staff. Phase two started in May 2021 and expanded to include the remaining 38 counties. 

The projected go-live dates for the County Expense Claim functionality of CECRIS are August 2021 for state staff, and October 2021 for County staff.

Development of the County Assistance Claim functionality is in progress and the projected pilot and go-live dates will be announced in August.

Product Releases

CECRIS Product Roadmap: Functionality Development


March 7, 2019 - PRF Product Release

This release enhanced the Program Request Form (PRF) process to allow the PRF coordinator to make changes to expedite the PRF business process.

February 25, 2019 - Assistance Claim Upload Product Release

The Assistance Claim Upload (CA 800), the CECRIS portal, was successfully completed on February 25th, 2019. The portal provides a mechanism for county CA 800 users to upload their CA 800 claim. Counties are now able to upload their CA 800 claims. An All County Information Letter "Portal ACIN 1-93-18" was released on January 10, 2019 that provided full details.

June 29, 2018 - Expense Claim Program Request Form (PRF) Product Release

The PRF serves as the foundation for development of the County Expense Claim by defining the claiming rules.

Current Team Member List:

Project Role Team Member Name
Project Sponsor Kären Dickerson
Project Manager Sergio Gutierrez
Budget/Contract Management Taylor Stout
Project Manager Support Walter (Gordon) Flowers
Product Owner Ray Chow
Scrum Master Taylor Stout
Business Team Ray Chow, Carissa Hom
Product Manager Randy Triezenberg
Technical Team Bryant Hennessy, Gayathri Gnanaprakasam, Hilary Thompson, Isaac Vallee, Kenneth Nelson, Maxine Delaza, Pramuk Jadhav, Ron Jones, Sean Mahon, Stephen Crockett, Subodh Chaudhary
Organizational Change Management Joan Simental
Training Michelle Lahmon
Financial System Auditor Les Lombardo, Emily Gray, Roger Beebout
CEC Subject Matter Expert Hassan Raza
CA 800 Subject Matter Expert Hassan Raza
County Subject Matter Expert Patti LaRose
Fiscal Policy SME Kelly White