Case Review Related Training

Registration for CFSR Portal

The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) Information Portal is a website that provides a single venue for information on the Federal CFSR process, including case review information. The CDSS requires that all interested California case reviewers gain access to the full portal to become certified. This access will include all relevant information regarding case reviews, including access to the CFSR Online Monitoring System (OMS), Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (OSRI), E-Training Platform and OSRI Frequently asked Questions. To gain access to the full site and complete the online training, follow the link below to request access to the portal. Once you have received access, please see instructions for completing the temporary certification below:

Registration for CFSR Online Temporary Certification


In order to attend the 4-day Case Review Training all participants must obtain an online temporary certification. 

Case Review Training Schedule

State Fiscal Year and Quarter

Months within the Quarter

4-day Case Review Training

Quality Assurance Training

SFY Qtr. 1

July – Sept.

Northern Training Academy

Bay Area Training Academy

SFY Qtr. 2

Oct. – Dec.

Southern Training Academy

Central Training Academy

SFY Qtr. 3

Jan. – March

Bay Area Training Academy

Northern Training Academy

SFY Qtr. 4

April – June

Central Training Academy

Southern Training Academy

Quality Assurance Training

Southern - San Diego, CA - May 13, 2019


Bay Area - Oakland, CA - May 8, 2019

Central - Fresno, CA - May 15, 2019

Technical Assistance Webinar Schedule

May 14, 2019 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm