Social Worker Empowerment Hotline Resources

Letters and Notices

ACL 15-103

Regulations & Statutes

Welfare& Institutions Code Section 10605.5(a)(1)
Labor Code Section 1102.5

Forms & Publications

Social Worker Disclosure Form-SOC 886

Tip: For reporters who wish to send information electronically, it is important to complete the SOC 886 and provide as much information as possible to help the reviewer ensure they have enough information to follow up or begin an investigation into relevant disclosures.

Publically Reported Data

Welfare & Institutions Code Section 10605.5(d) mandates that CDSS report and publish summary information from reports received by the hotline and the actions taken by the department in response beginning January 1, 2018. Publication information will be available here on or after that date.

Contact Us

Social workers can report concerns regarding a county child welfare agency practices, policies, or procedures that endanger the health, safety, or well-being of children at:

TOLL FREE 1-844-796-6283

You can contact the AB 1978 Hotline through the toll free number, or for administrative questions, you can contact the Children’s Services Operations Bureau at (916) 651-8100 and ask to speak to someone regarding the Social Worker Empowerment Hotline (AB 1978 ) program.

Frequently Asked Questions