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In accordance with federal Title 7 code of federal [Regulations 275.5(b)] and state [Division 21] regulations, we conduct civil rights compliance reviews in large counties annually, in medium size counties every two years, and small counties every three years.

The size of the county is determined by its Food Stamp caseload.

Compliance reviews are on-site reviews of county welfare department facilities. Our Program Consultants interview public contact staff, survey program managers, visit each facility to conduct caseload surveys and facility access reviews, and examine discrimination complaint logs.

To determine the approximate date of your county's next compliance review, go to Due Dates and Scheduled Events . The Schedules are posted for the current fiscal year, but are subject to change.

To confirm your review schedule, please contact your Civil Rights Unit Analyst/Liaison.

Compliance review reports are considered public documents under the Public Records Act. Once we approve the county's Corrective Action Plan (CAP), it, too, becomes a public document. Per the Governor's Executive Order S-09-09, all compliance reviews (and corresponding CAPs) performed after January 2008 will be made available on the Compliance Reports and Corrective Action Plans page.

Due Dates and Scheduled Events

The Compliance Reviews will fall somewhere within the month listed, though it is our intent to be able to furnish the exact dates from start to finish of each review. If you have any questions concerning the review dates, please contact the Civil Rights Unit at
(916) 654-2107 or toll-free at 1-866-741-6241.

2018-2019 Review Schedule
2017-2018 Review Schedule
2016-2017 Review Schedule

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