Compliance Reviews - Overview and Schedule

This information is intended for County Welfare Department Directors, Civil Rights Coordinators, county site facilities managers, county ADA coordinators, and other county staff responsible for ensuring compliance with civil rights laws and regulations.

In accordance with federal (7 CFR 275.5(b)) and state regulations (CDSS Manual of Policies and Procedures, Division 21), the Civil Rights Unit conducts civil rights Compliance Reviews (Audits) of county welfare department facilities and CDSS-funded programs. The Civil Rights Unit works to survey public contact staff and program managers, assess physical accessibility of sites visited by members of the public, review case files for language access and reasonable accommodation obligations, and examine discrimination complaint logs and case files.

The upcoming Audit schedule is subject to change. County Welfare Department Directors and Civil Rights Coordinators receive written notice prior to their review. Please reach out to the Civil Rights Unit at with questions about upcoming Compliance Reviews, or how counties can ensure compliance between scheduled audits.

Upcoming Audit Schedule

Late May/June 2023

  • San Luis Obispo County Social Services Department

September 2023

  • Siskiyou County Health and Human Services Agency
  • Riverside County Department of Public Social Services

October 2023

  • Santa Cruz County Human Services Department

November 2023

  • Modoc County Department of Social Services

Previously Scheduled Audits

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