Your Rights Under California Welfare Programs

The "PUB 13" Pamphlet

This pamphlet describes your rights and explains what you can do if you have a complaint. The information is for persons applying for, receiving, or who have received aid or services. The pamphlet:

  • Spells out your rights as an applicant/recipient;
  • Specifies that multilingual services are available;
  • Lists the TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf);
  • Explains the steps you can take if you do not agree with the action of your application or services;
  • Explains the State Hearings process;
  • Outlines actions you can take for discrimination complaints; and,
  • Identifies state and federal contacts.

The PUB 13 pamphlets are available in all waiting rooms and reception areas and are distributed and explained to all applicants and recipients upon intake and reinvestigation of eligibility.

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